Monday, August 20, 2012

And the Beat Goes On

For those of you who are old enough to remember that song, you will have guessed that I don't have my new computer yet.  You would be correct in that guess.

In my last post you heard all about needing to go back today with the copy of my passport so I could pick it up.  I called her this morning.  No, the computer is in Quito.  She needs a copy of my passport so they can send it up here.  (I offered her one on Friday but she declined.)

Today she will send the copy to Quito.  Tomorrow they will send the computer up here very late in the day. I will get it, "posible miercoles" (possibly Wednesday).

I will call her Wednesday morning to see if she has it.  I am reminding myself that I live in a developing nation (formerly "third world country") and that the postal system is much much better than it used to be.  Hurray!

"Posible" you will hear from me Wednesday and I will have my computer.  It's going to happen!  I just know it is!  I guess I'm still working on learning patience.


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    1. It's now 1 December and I'm still going with manana but it's getting to be a shorter manana than it was when I originally wrote this post.