Friday, April 26, 2013

Quito Miscellaneous

Odd and ends of this and that.  There are all kinds of things that have something to do with specific things but these are just little bits and pieces I wanted to squeeze in somewhere and decided to just put them all in one place.

One of my favorite pictures is this one of Julie taking a picture of Sarah who is getting ready to take a picture of Julie--of course I'm busy taking a picture of both of them.  Ah, tourists.

This is the guardian of Quito.  She's the Virgen de Quito, the Virgin of Quito.  Many think she's the only statue of the Virgin Mary with wings but I didn't do any research on it so I wouldn't know.  What I know is that you can see her from just about anywhere in the city.

This little guy, and tons more like him, is hoping to earn some money from cars at the stop light.  He's a juggler and is using rocks.  Since he's so young, using three rocks will probably earn him a little money during the day.

It's obviously been a long day for these guys.  We're in some fairly major traffic here and they're sleeping like babies.

We're sitting at a stop light and there's a little procession passing at the intersection.  I have absolutely no idea what it's about but there they are, just crossing the street at the green light and I'm waiting for the green light.  This is the kind of thing I just love--little things that just happen and no one has any idea why except the people who are participating.

Even though Quito is a huge city, it's still very, very clean.

Then, just to help people get the idea that it might be a good idea to not litter, they have cute little signs over the sewer grates.  This one says, "I don't like garbage."  So cute.

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