Sunday, July 14, 2013

Final Quito Pics

After spending so much time in little Cotacachi, life in Quito was so very different.  I loved it and as whoever it was who said it's a great place to visit but I wouldn't want to live there reflects my feelings totally.  Here are some of the fun shots I got of life in the fast lane.

Wherever we went, there were people wandering up and down the streets--in traffic--selling things. They do it here out of baskets and wheel barrows on the sidewalks but not in Quito!

Fruits...vegetables... so much, much more.

Not everyone was happy.  This poor, little shoeshine boy was sitting in the plaza crying.  I don't know why but he just moved me so much.

Here's my homage to Alfred Hitchcock--for those of you who are too young to remember it, look up The Birds.
I HAD to take this photo!  I couldn't resist.  This is a public bathroom in Old Town Quito.  The attendant is sitting under the canopy with her little change box, watching her tiny TV that's in the space between the two baños.  You may note a distinct lack of toilet paper.  Not that it's always the case but it's always wise to BYOTP.

Look carefully at the furniture this one man is carrying on his head. There's a sofa, two chairs, and a table of some sort.  You really can't see all of it but I was watching someone else load it on.  I'm not sure where he's taking it.  He's in the center island and there's another wall just like the one in this view on the other side of the street.  He is obviously going quite a ways.

One of my favorite public pieces of art.  I really wish I knew what they were hold onto but it was too small to see while driving past.

This is much better viewed head on but that wasn't possible so I got what I could.  These are women of import in Ecuador.

The public art is everywhere and quite impressive.  If you look at the sign above this mosaic, it gives you some idea of just how large it is.

I suspect this one was commissioned by the building owners.  This building is about eight stories high.

The police can be very helpful.  This woman needed a hand crossing the street.

You know me--I love the falling down stuff and I think this public art is as important as the expensive, commissioned stuff.

I discovered I had a little more than I wanted to put on one post and I think they're all photos of kids.  You knew I had to do it, right?


  1. I love your pictures. For some reason, I haven't received your blogs for a while--had wondered why. You going back to Cotacachi now?

    1. Hi--thanks. I'm glad you like them. I truly love taking them and then picking out the ones I love and think you'll like as well. Of course then I have to pare that down by at least half, sometimes more, because I fall in love with so many of them.

      I'm in Cotacachi now. I've just been terrible about writing for quite a while. My life's been busy but mostly I've just been lazy. I'm trying to get back in the swing again. I love writing for the blog and taking the photos that go with the posts but when I get out of the habit, well, it can get ugly.

      Thanks for the encouragement and I think I'll go see if I can get a post done right now--maybe tomorrow. :>)