Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Microfiber and Such

Something it never would have occurred to me to do is bring things here to sell to expats.  Fortunately for us, Judi thought about it and brought her H2O at Home products when she came to have dental work done here.

(The salt bowl isn't part of what she brought but it adds a nice touch of color, don't you think?)
She had lots of things to show us but there were a few that we all went a little gaga over.  I'm so excited about them I had to take pictures and do a blog post.

She has this clay that I can't quite believe.  You can imagine how discolored the outside of restaurant pans can get.  Here's one directly from the kitchen and after just a little elbow grease--nothing like I would have guessed, you can see the difference between the left and right sides of the pan.

By the way, I'm not selling this stuff, just sharing my amazement at what it can do and how thrilled I am that I get to order some of it!

She also has the highest quality microfiber I've ever seen.  She cleaned a window that is between the kitchen and the eating area of the restaurant with nothing more than a damp microfiber cloth.  I couldn't believe it would take grease off without soap.  I loved it.  (She had enough cloths with her that I was able to get a couple of those.)

My favorite demonstration was with the clay, though.  This is the vent hood in the restaurant kitchen.  We all know how greasy vent hoods can get and a restaurant is bound to be even worse.  Actually, when I saw this one I was rather impressed with how little grease it had on it.  I've sure seen a lot worse than that.  Well, with a little of the clay on the special little sponge that comes with it, look at the difference!  Anyone who wanted to was able to try out a little part and I definitely wanted to take my turn.  I swear, it was four swipes of the sponge before every lick of grease was picked up.  I really want some of that stuff.

We're all going to place orders and Judi will bring as much back as she can and then ship the rest to us.  We're hoping she can bring lots because it will cost a small fortune to ship it.  We're hoping to help her finance at least a good chunk of her next dentist visit in a few months.

I'll say this again--I'm not selling this, I'm not making any money on it, I'm just excited. OK, I know, it doesn't take a lot for some of us to get excited, does it?


  1. Just one question: Who is the dentist who is so good she travels from the U.S. to see him/her? If you know would you please email me at We're moving to Cotacachi in 34 days!!! Yeah!

  2. How's bout posting the dentist's ID for everyone. Mi esposa y yo will be to Cotacachi in Sept and will be time for our dental visits.

  3. The information for the dentist is Dr. Baynardo Balanos. His address is Ovieda 73 y Bolivar in Ibarra. His phone number is 06 295 9347. I'm going to guess he doesn't have an email address--very few professionals seem to here.