Monday, January 30, 2012

Apartment Photos

I have the photos to show you!  This is such a cute apartment!

This is one of the views from the roof of the building--lovely, isn't it?

Building front.  My apartment will be one of the first level ones.

"Living Room"


"Bedroom"  (Remember, this is an efficiency apartment)

The Kitchen.  I love the openness.

"Dining Room"

How lovely is this?  I'm thrilled with the large shower.  The photo is taken from the under-the-stairs storage area.

When you're up there on the roof, doing laundry, one direction is the lovely mountain you saw up a few photos and the other direction is the back of one of the Catholic churches.

 Yes, that's right, it says, "when you're up there on the roof, doing laundry...."  There's a washer and clothes lines up on the roof.  The washer is under a roof and some of the clotheslines apparently are as well.  Apparently it's very common to have the washing machine on the roof and fairly unusual in the smaller apartments and houses to have a dryer.

So, what do you think of my little palace-to-be?  Isn't it amazing?
Final view from the roof

Coming up: Preparations Are Under Way

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