Saturday, July 14, 2012

Bits and Pieces of Inti Raymi

During the week, nothing much happens with Inti Raymi in general.  The big event was the "taking of the square" on Sunday night.  Now there is marching through the streets but it is far less formal and there's far more drinking involved.  It's been a very quiet Inti Raymi so far this year (I'm writing this on Tuesday June 26) and we're all hoping it stays that way.

Of course I can't resist taking photos when I have the opportunity so I'll keep adding a few of the better ones as I upload them.

The police are in evidence everywhere and it gives most of us a sense of security in terms of men with far more alcohol than good sense behaving themselves unsupervised.  It's really no different in other parts of the world.  I always stayed in on New Years Eve back in the States.  This isn't much different.

I really miss my photo editing software while my computer's feeling ill.  I would have loved to have been able to crop this photo so you could see his face up close.  He did not have a good night.

I'm seeing more and more individual men and men in groups of three and four rather than in the huge crowds of Sunday night, though there are still groups who pass my front door (where these photos are taken) with their whooping and hollering and I always know there are lots of them, even from inside with all the doors and windows closed.  I'm not frightened at all--I've just seen enough of them for the most part and I suspect you're getting tired of seeing the pictures.

Of course the kids are always fun.  There was no sign of any parental or adult supervision for these two little guys but it's one of the lovely things about living in Cotacachi--kids are able to run around and not have to fear being in danger--well, at least not from anyone other than a big brother, perhaps.

This little guy got his hat back from his big brother and now he's ready to duke it out with him.  Big brother is losing interest.  It's probably just as well--I don't think little brother would have a chance.

This little girl was fascinated with my camera.  Another photo where it would have been lovely to crop it so you could see her cute little face better.

The black on his face is intentional.  A lot of the men who were wearing camouflage had black paint on their faces.  I'm still trying to find out what all these various little things mean but I may never know.  I don't really need to, I'm just curious.


  1. I am glad you have your camera back! We miss your pictures... and we miss you...

    Edward Solano

    1. Thanks so much, Edward. I miss all of you as well. I still don't have my computer back but sometime this coming week is starting to look very promising. I have tons of photos just waiting to be posted!

  2. OOOpps...! I should have written *computer*, not camera. Sorry about that, but you are probably wondering - Who is this Edward Solano anyway? Thanks to your blog "Cynthia Goes to Ecuador" I will soon be your neighbor in Cotacachi. Before I decided to move to Ecuador, I read all there is about Cotacachi and other cities, including reading through all the blogs there are on the web. I could not find enough reasons to make Cotachi my final destination until I started reading your blog and looking at those pictures, Oh my! Through the lens of your camera I WAS IN COTACACHI! I was interacting with people, places, apartments, food, animals, even festivities. Through the magic of your photos I will be no stranger to Cotacachi and surroundings when I land there. That's why I became your "follower", hoping that you would give me the opportunity to communicate with you. I appreciate it! Thank you!
    Edward Solano, Brookshire, Texas

    1. Wow! I'm honored to have you say such lovely things about my blog and my photos. Alas, I don't yet have my computer back. This is a post I started putting together back when my computer was still semi-alive and I was sure I'd have it fixed well before now so I set the automatic date for yesterday. Still no computer but you'll have a great time with the blog for some time after I get it back. I have piles of photos just itching to get some exposure (pardon the pun).

    2. Hello Cynthia, Did you find a good shop/technician in Cotacachi to fix your computer? Or, Did you have to take it to another city? Otalavo, perhaps Ibarra, even Quito? I am asking because I need to anticipate what will I do when I am in Cotacachi and face the same problem. Wish you a good day.
      edward (dot) solano(at)gmail (dot) com