Friday, July 6, 2012

No Computer = No Photos

Oh how I wish my computer wasn't still very sick! Today and tonight were such fun! I'll give you a quick preview and then, as soon as I have my computer back, I'll share many photos. I'll start with this afternoon. I was busy doing homework when my doorbell rang and therenwas Blanca and her son. Two of their roosters had attempted the great escape and ended up in my back yard. Blanca asked if I like chicken -- to eat. I assured her I do. I'm not sure if I have fresh chicken innmy future or not. I'll let you know. In the meantime, her son went home and came back a minute later with 5 eggs. What a treat. Then tonight I was sitting around thinking about when I thought I might want to go to bed. It was very noisy outside -- with much music and loud speakers. I poked my head out to see if I could see what was happening. Whatever it was appeared to be happening at the park. Sure enough -- much activity. There were three bands, bleachers, several rows of chairs, and dancing in the streets. Even the mayor was out there kicking up his heels. I couldn't just click a few photos and head home. I decided to hang out for a wee bit. I foundnmyself a little corner on one ofnthe bleachers and settled in to take more pictures. The next thing I know, this cute littlenman is asking me to dance. I don't dance under the best of circunstances and tonight my hair was uncombed and I was in a grubby T-shirt and pants. Wait until you see his photo -- he really is adorable. It didn't take long for me to figure out he was also a wee bit tipsy. I was offered a drink of something amber colored and since it's considered very rude to turn down a drink, I took a tiny sip. WHOA! I'm not positive what it was but I think I heard the guy next to me say it was whiskey. I was convinced to take another drink out of the communal plastic cup but then I was able to graciously turn down future offers without offending anyone. Lest you be concerned about the hygiene or lack thereof in sharing a glass, fear not -- there wasn't a germ left alive anywhere near that glass. Photos will be forthcoming.


  1. Hi Cynthia,
    I'm sorry I haven't written for a while. I am very confused as I CAN get hold of you these days--do you still have email? Will you get messages if I send them to you by email? What happened with the Skype? Am I never to hear your wonderful voice again? This lack of communication was NOT part of the deal, my dear, when you moved down there. It's all just too much--please keep me in the loop and let me know HOW you are doing this blog if you have no computer, etc. I really don't know how to get hold of you, so haven't even tried. Very frustrating. . . . I need answers.

    Love & Hugs,

    1. Please check you email for two messages I sent. My gmail address hasn't changed. I'm using my Kindle for most of my email and sometimes go to internet cafes. So sorry it's been so long. Take care--Cynthia

  2. Hi again Cynthia,

    I couldn't find any emails from you. Did you send them to Not Yahoo? I don't use Yahoo any more. When did you send the messages?

    Harry and I went out to eat yesterday--I took two vacation days from work--and he gave me $100 for my birthday! Couldn't believe it! I've only had guys in my life before who WANTED money from me! What a nice change.

    My health is not any better--I have thrush in my mouth that has been going on for months now--then I found out what it was and underwent TWO rounds of treatment--still no luck--so now I'm going to go to an Ear, Nose, & Throat specialist on the 30th because it may not be thrush, having lasted so long and so detrmined to stay with me.

    Still losing blood somewhere--low hemoglobin, so am having an endoscopy AND a colonoscopy on August 6th; they're looking for bleeding from maybe my taking so much Ibuprofen for my arthritis, some kind of backteria, possibly colitis, or even a bleeding ulcer. Gotta find out what's going on because even a slow leak over a long time can ALSO add to my tiredness.

    Picking (CSP) still bad--no relief in site yet--tried different meds. Still very anxious and the dystimia depression seems to be with me always. I don't seem to want to do anything but stay in my recliner and read and watch documentaries. I've only been to writing group when I've led-and not to Secular Bible Study at all.

    Well, I hope we can communicate again some day--is your computer being fixed--how about the Skype? How long will this take?

    I'm going to go and read in the book Harry loaned me about the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire in 1911, where 146 young women were burned alive or jumped from windows to escape the flames and died--reminds me of 9/11--horrible! Are you familiar with this shameful piece of our history? And the owners got off scot free, even though they'd locked the doors so the women could only leave one at a time as they were being searched at the end of each work day to make sure they weren't making off with some precious little scrap of lace or something. A good thing did come from the traqgedy, though--as it often happens--and new safety laws were put in place throughout the country, etc. Incredibly written book-the author has gotten top accolades from just about everyone--it is THE definitive book about the tragedy.

    Love & Hugs,