Friday, September 21, 2012

Kids on Horseback

The kids in the Parade of Horses were the biggest draw for me, of course--well, all the horses were beautiful in their own way, but the kids were something special.

This was the first of the kids in the parade.  He handled his horse like a pro.

This little guy is just so darned cute!

A horse to match the size of its rider.

Another little rider on a little horse but this one appears to be a young version of a big horse rather than a miniature one.  My dad will set me straight on all of this.

Apparently the horse wasn't doing what it was supposed to.  Well, the little kid was having just a little trouble handling him but this was pretty much at the beginning of the spectators and I would imagine it was a little nervous.

This little guy (the horse, not the riders) was following along without a lead of any kind.  That must have been Mom right in front of him.  He never strayed from that spot right behind her.  What a cutie--the little kid on the horse is pretty cute, too.

Does it get much cuter than that?

All the kids riding their horses were very impressive.  They had presence of mind and were completely able to keep their horses under control (well, almost always) in the midst of all those people.  My hat's off to them.

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  1. Very nice pictures Cynthia - as were the ones earlier. Things we look forward to when we got to Cotacachi. Take care, Ken & Barb