Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Kitty Sitting I

Last month I did a few weeks of kitty sitting and promised you photos of the little darlings.  I'm back here again and thought this might be a good time to share them with you.  If you're not a cat fan, you can just skip this one (unless you want to scroll to the bottom and see the pretty sunset).  For those of you who love the little critters as much as I do, enjoy.

This is Sam.  Both he and Little enjoy sitting up on the little closet out on the terrace.  The first time I saw Sam jump up here, it was a little unnerving but now it's old hat.  (Isn't he adorable?)

Here's Little (no, she isn't as little as Sam but, then, there you go).  She wasn't all that thrilled with having her picture taken but she's basically a patient little girl.
They love each other.
 Sam enjoys the ledge around the terrace as well.

And finally, just a couple more cute kitty photos.

Ah, well, almost done--the very last one is a photo I took of the sunset from the terrace out back.  I just love sunsets.

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