Wednesday, November 21, 2012

A Day In the Life -- Nov. 21, 2012

Today was a fun day and one I thought I'd share with you.

I started out at 10:00 this morning and it went from there.

Isn't this a beautiful place to start out the day?  This is the first thing I see when I walk out the front door of the condo building where I'm kitty sitting right now.

My first stop?  It's Bible College day.  Dawn (below) decided she wanted to take a picture of me today so here I am.  Dawn (the lovely woman who teaches me) is below.

After class, I had an appointment to meet a friend of mine at the bus terminal.  She was heading to Otavalo and it was a good place to meet.  She had some chicken to give me.  We have a deal where we buy whole chickens from Shawn and then trade white meat for dark.  It works for us.  Today I picked up mine from her. On my way there I saw this typical sight and thought you might be interested in it.  You may need to click on the photo to see it a bit larger.  I'll just tell you now that what you're seeing in the back of the truck are lots and lots of little school children.  This truck will take them back to their village.

I keep forgetting that I'm supposed to be taking pictures of everything I'm doing throughout the day and didn't get one of Marilyn until she was almost all the way on the bus.  I suppose a picture of the chicken would have worked but I prefer this one.

Since I was next door to the mercado I decided to pick up a few things.  The woman on the left is my favorite vegetable vendor.  She always has the best selection and gives me a good price.

Next stop was for some bananas.  I got 50 cents worth.  You'll see how many bananas I got in a later picture.

Last stop--the meat market.  They didn't have much selection today because their biggest day is Sunday but they had the little sausages I wanted.

I needed to get a picture printed that my granddaughter sent me so I headed across the street from the terminal to the tienda with the "internet" sign above the door.  It said they had color copies so I was hoping they could print a color photo from the computer--nope.  The store just to the left of it is Luis's Place.  Luis does short tours in addition to owning the tienda that carries a little bit of everything.  I like Luis a lot and look forward to taking one of his tours one of these days.

Next stop--Tia, to get a few groceries.  As you can see, they're definitely getting ready for Christmas.

I get everything that I can't get at Monica's and then head over there to get the rest.  I like shopping at Monica's because she works so hard to get the thing expats want so it's nice to give her business when I can.  She doesn't carry fresh produce and a few other things I get but the rest I get there.

I knew exactly where to go to get my printing done.  Here's Flat Stanley--the project I'm helping my granddaughter with.  I guess you could say this is where Flat Stanley was "born."  More on Flat Stanley in a week or so.

Here's the place where I got Flat Stanley printed.  I got the computer time and a color copy for 25 cents. Gotta love it.

My last stop was at a little tienda just down the street from where I'm kitty sitting to get eggs.  I like to get those as close to home as possible since they come in bulk--no egg carton--just a little plastic bag--and I don't want them bouncing around in the cart for any longer than necessary.

Home at last--well, back at my pet sitting location.  Here's my nearly full cart with all my purchases.  I was lucky to have been able to see one of the men who works here at the condos.  He was more than happy to haul the whole thing up to the fourth floor for $1.  Actually, a couple of people have said you don't need to pay them since they work here but I figure that's not right.  This thing weighed a bit less than 50 pounds.  I'm here to tell you--it was worth that much and more not to have to drag it up three flights of stairs.

My purchases from the mercado.  There are the bananas I got for 50 cents.  The carrots, tomatoes, and red onions were $2, and the little sausages up front were $1.20.  That's a lot of food for $3.70.

By then it was about 3:30 and I started uploading my photos.  It took two hours and one computer crash to accomplish it but I persevered and here they are.

A little email reading and writing, this blog post, some homemade chicken noodle soup for dinner, a little TV, and here we are, just about time for bed.

Isn't this a lovely day?  Oh, and on the way from one place to another I ran into at least 8 people I know and chatted for a few minutes with each of them.  It's one of my favorite things about living here--I've gotten to know so many people.  I can't go out without running into someone I know.

I was going to pick out some photos for a few more blog posts but ran out of time.  I may have a little time to do that tomorrow--then I'll write a few posts that I can schedule for later.  I like to be able to set some up when I have the time and energy.  If I didn't do it that way I'd end up with half a dozen posts on one day and nothing for a couple of weeks.  It sounds like it's easy enough to do and I can guarantee, the writing is a pleasure.  Picking out photos can be something a little different.  I hate to admit that when I took photos of the Jora parade (my next few blog posts) I ended up with well over 1000 of them--no, I didn't accidentally put an extra zero on the end of that number.  It takes a while to go through all of those photos and pick out the ones I think you might want to see most.

See you around.

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