Monday, November 5, 2012


While I was pet sitting this last time, I had a new experience.

First of all, I should mention that this particular cat sitting gig was at Primavera II, a condominium community at the edge of the downtown area of Cotacachi.  At the far end of the community where I was staying I can look out over a rather pastoral setting of trees and some open grassy areas just before you get to the river.  It's quite lovely.

One day, as I was approaching the gate, I noticed there were some cows grazing within a few feet of the entrance to the condos.  I'm not kidding--I was within 30 feet of the nearest cow as I went inside.  Don't get me wrong, this wasn't a problem, just something I hadn't seen before here in Cotacachi.
I'm standing at the gate as I take this photo.

A few days later, on my way out of the complex, here's what I saw as I looked down the street:
Since I can't crop photos right now and the background is so similar in color, you may have to look closely  to see the cow in front of the sand pile.

Yep, there she was, heading for town.  She was moving fast enough that I couldn't get in front of her to try to get her turned around and headed back for greener pastures so off she went, down the street towards the middle of town.

The last I saw of her she was about four blocks down, just a couple of blocks from the government offices and the main park.  Perhaps she found some grass for nibbling down there.  I haven't heard a word about it or what happened to her.

Just another day in paradise.


  1. HOORAY...! Cynthia is writing again... Cows? Doesn't matter... better than nothing... :o)
    Edward Solano

    1. Yes, Edward, cows. :>) There will be other things coming up, especially once my hard drive arrives (I'm being optimistic about that). I still have tons of photos of the bull ring, another parade, the expat food booth at the Jora celebration, etc., and of course I'll continue to post about what's going on right now as I run into it and my readers tell me what they want to hear about.

  2. Just in case anyone thinks this is a one time occurrence, last night I saw a woman herding two holsteins down the middle of the street, one block off of the main street. When approached by a vehicle the cows cleverly moved to the side of the street, indicating (to me at least)this was not an unfamiliar event for them. Perhaps one way of getting fresh milk????
    Neither are horses with riders rare...saw two this very week!

    1. I love it when I'm walking through town and I hear the sound of a horse clopping up behind me. If everything happens to be absolutely perfect (it was once), I can feel like I'm back a century or two. The horse with rider, a few indigenous people in their traditional dress, even a little tienda with fresh fruits and vegetables. The trick is for that to all be there without the intrusions of the 21st century. It was fabulous that one time. Of course if anyone else was around who might have had that same feeling, I was right in the middle to spoil it for them. Ah, well, perhaps another day.