Wednesday, November 28, 2012

More Fiesta de la Jora photos

Enjoy more photos from the parade.  There are a ton of them but very little text so it should be a fairly quick process if you want to see all of them (the kids follow the performers).

[One of my readers reminded me that if you click on any of the photos, you can see them full-sized and even have a little slide show.]

More dancing.

I loved this band. They are anything but professionals but they are good and they enjoy playing more than many other things in their lives--you can see it in their eyes.

None of them have new instruments and you can see they've had plenty of use but they're enthusiastic.

There's no way to show the beauty of the dancing but definitely the beauty of the costumes.

Speaking of costumes, these were pretty magnificent.

These are the women from the same group as the men in the photo above.

I'm not sure what these guys were up to but they had lots of fake blood and torn clothing.  They seemed to be wanting to scare some people.  I wish I'd gotten a photo of the old woman who nearly clubbed one of them with her cane.  It was priceless.

There were many young men on stilts with the "bloody" guys in the previous photo.  This one was having trouble with keeping the stilts attached to his legs.  Out came the duct tape and he wound it around his calf and foot so it was firmly attached.  If he fell, he was going down hard.  There was no way he could jump out of the stilts the way I've seen them in the States.

Here come the kids.  Some are like this little fellow who are just too adorable to be able to pass up and others...

...are little performers who are quite lovely/talented.

These swans were made completely of paper. The little girls are adorable.

Here's a combo close up of the paper components of the swans along with the cutest little girl.  She wasn't dressed up so I'm guessing she was a last-minute addition to the float.  She was definitely enjoying herself.

These little girls were showing off the produce from their village.

Just altogether too cute.  The Kichwa people are absolutely beautiful and when they smile they are even more beautiful but it's not something they do as a normal facial expression.

This float was moving too quickly for me to get a good picture but if you'll look closely you'll see that this little guy is roasting a cuy over a real fire on the float (cuy is guinea pig and the national dish and people who served it at someone's house are to be considered very honored guests).

The little girl in the middle is serving chicha to one of the parade observers.

OK, I couldn't resist taking a photo of this little girl who didn't bring a tissue with her.

And finally, the adorable kids in the little cartoon train.  Most of the kids were in costumes and were, well, cuter than cute.


  1. Cynthia,

    As always, beautiful pictures. Barb just came home from a meeting and has another one in a few minutes but I'm sure she'll look at them later.

    Today I'm battling with TACA airlines to get our names correctly spelled on our tickets. Frustrating. Now they have our last names as "Mervin", not "Merwin". I need to get this resolved as we have lots of packing to do yet.

    Thanks for sharing and best wishes, Ken

    1. Ah, yes--the whole stress of packing and getting all your ducks in a row. They're very independent little ducks, aren't they? I know it will all fall into place for you. You are very organized from what I've heard.

  2. Thank you so much for the photos of the beautiful children. How can you not fall in love with them?

    My biggest struggle right now (maybe the only one) with our planned move to Cotacachi is: Could I really eat a guinea pig? My children had them when they were young and we played with them. But I can't wrap my arms around the idea of eating one yet, but I wouldn't want to offend a host/hostess for sure.

    1. It's not all that common to be offered cuy when visiting with friends. They are reserved for very special events and I suspect they would just laugh at you for not wanting to eat one. They think the "crazy gringos" are great fun.

      I know many people who just can't quite manage eating them. Just the other day I had a woman say something about having heard they are kind of like rats and, of course, I said they are definitely rodents. I'm not good at prevaricating.

      The good news for those who aren't inclined to try them as that a cooked one costs $12 or $13--they are anything but inexpensive. That helps keep their consumption down. You should be fine.