Friday, December 21, 2012

Ibarra Christmas

I was in Ibarra the other day (picking up my yarn and computer parts my friend brought me from the States) and we ended up at the main park there so, of course, I couldn't leave without some pictures.
My friend, her husband, and their daughter mugging for the camera.  They're such an adorable family.

Peeking out from behind the Christmas mushrooms (? Who has Christmas mushrooms?  I guess we do.)

Every city seems to have a band.  This is a very musically oriented country. I can't be sure these fellows were the city band but they were playing their little hearts out and they were very good.

Every park has a church that goes with it and this park was no exception.  Such a lovely old building.  Perhaps one day I'll come back and get some photos inside.


  1. Is it there an Expat population in Ibarra? If there is one, Is their number larger than the Expat population in Cotacachi?

    1. There's not one there yet but it would be a fabulous place to start one. There are the conveniences Cotacachi doesn't have and more to do. Unfortunately, no one wants to be the first to start things out there. I know someone who brings tours up here who would love to talk to you about getting one started there if you're interested.