Thursday, December 20, 2012

New House Update with Photos

A friend and I went over to the new house this morning and four hours later is was sparkling clean.  I spent almost two hours defrosting the freezer alone!  I can't blame the old tenant for that because he said he could toss all the food in there and unplug it or leave the food and leave it as is, frost and all.  I opted for the frost.  Anyway, we also rearranged the bedroom furniture a bit and I got photos of that and the parts I missed last time--the bathroom and courtyard.  So, here you are, a photo display:
Before today the bed had the headboard on the left-hand wall.  I like it better this way.  It gives the room a more spacious feel.  We also moved the ladder to this side of the support beam and put the bedroom rug on it just to get the idea of how it will look when I put some kind of tapestry or something there.  It will give me the illusion of a closet.  The hanging rod is right behind there.

By moving the wardrobe to the end of the bed, it frees up all the space on the other side of the room.

Next we put a blanket over the loft rail.  I'll put something much nicer up there but for now it just kind of shows how it will look and keeps the stuff up there in the storage area hidden from view.

Here's the outside of the house.  I'll put a table out there to go with the chairs and I'm going to hang some plants from the roof over on that side.  That's the kitchen inside that window and it will be nice to have flowers out there.  Also, the gas tank for the stove is in the kitchen and I'd like to move that outside so I'll have someone drill a hole in the wall and move it out there, then have a box built that will serve to both hold the gas tank and make a place to put plants.  In the center is the front door and that concrete thing is the "clothes washer." I won't be using it for that I don't imagine but that's what it is.  The wall on the right needs serious attention!  I'm not sure what to do there but I'll think about it and when I get the inside done, I'll start out there. That white box sort of above the gas canister is the hot water heater--that's what the propane is for.  At some point I may think about putting one over on the other side so I can have hot water in the kitchen as well.  Right now I heat it on the stove in order to do dishes.  It's not awful but I'd love hot water at some point.

The bathroom from both directions.  Where you see that little pile of cord (my internet connection) is where the front door is--just to the right of that.  It's not bad--just around the corner.

When I turn around and face the front of the property from my house, this is what is up there.  Those are the windows of the internet cafe right there.  There are three floors above, each with an apartment on that floor, so there are only three other people/families living there and one of them is the owner of the building.

One more view of the courtyard showing that lovely, big tree.  It's such a lovely space back there.

There you are--the casita.  Of course there will be more photos after the move.  I have no idea where everything is going to go but I'll figure it out after it's all moved in.  I know I'll be storing some things in boxes until I get shelves made and I'm very glad I have several containers that will go under the bed nicely.  The kitchen will probably be the biggest challenge right away.  There just isn't any storage out there.  Well, it will all work out.


  1. Cynthia,
    On the face of the property picture (the internet cafe) there seems to be a door on the left (almost completely covered by the bush). I assume that is your private entrance to the casita in the back?

    1. That's correct. I should get a photo of the building from the street. You'd never know I was back there. There is a door all the way to the left in that picture and it goes down a long hallway to the front of the building where there is another security door. I feel very safe here in my little house.

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