Thursday, January 17, 2013

More Christmas

As I've said, Christmas in Cotacachi is a big deal.  Everyone participates in one way or another.  The nativity scene in this city display is almost life size and there's a lovely tree as well.

The processions include people (especially children) dressed as Joseph, Mary, wise men, shepherds, and angels--lots and lots of angels.  The long "sticks" these kids are holding have little fireworks in them.
I saw more fireworks in the weeks before Christmas and then into the new year than I think I'd seen in, well, I have no idea how long.  They may not have been huge but they were certainly in abundance.

I do so wish I had taken a photo of this snowman sooner.  He was starting to collapse of his own weight.  He was made completely out of white plastic drinking cups.

Another nativity scene.  Uh, wait a second, is that Baby Jesus?

Um, I think he might be a baby bombero.

Yep, this is the nativity scene put out by the Bomberos Cotacachi--that's the fire department and they have a Bombero Baby Jesus and an aluminum tree--no fire hazard there. Oh wait, the extension cord wasn't rated for outdoor use.  I love living here!

I was walking home one night and there in the street was a little band playing music.  It wasn't like they were playing for a large group or anything.  In fact, there were more band members than audience.  Sometimes I think people just get together to play because the love the do it more than wanting to perform for others.  (The bottles in the street were interesting.  One was a bottle of liquor and the other was water.  I didn't see any glasses--if it hadn't been so late and I hadn't been so tired I might have hung around to see if there was something special about them.)

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