Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Morning Observations

I'm sitting in my living room this morning, less than a block from the main east/west street through town and two blocks from the main north/south street, looking out at an avocado tree and a guava tree, listening to a half dozen varieties of birds, the chickens and rooster next door, and a horse that just passed by out front.  To borrow a movie title, it's a wonderful life.

There are some branches flush against the back side of my house and I think they must give easy access to the local cats because they tip toes, walk, and run across the roof during all hours of the day and night.  I thought, for just a little while, that there might be the occasional rat (due to the tiny toes I heard) but I've since decided those belong to the very petite black and white cat I've seen carefully picking her way through the broken glass embedded on top of the garden walls.  It might also be the occasional dove.  They don't spend much time on the roof for obvious reasons but I've seen a couple of them up there.

Well, a couple of days ago I kept hearing a persistent thump, thump, thump on the roof.  I finally had to go out and see what was going on (why didn't I bring my camera with me?!?) and I discovered there was a cat up there chewing on a chicken leg bone and it was thumping on the roof with every chomp she took.  I should clarify--it was organic garbage day and she had found a cooked chicken bone--she hadn't successfully wrestled a live chicken for her bones.  We have tough chickens around here.

Last night it rained and I listened to the pattering of the raindrops on my metal roof as I drifted off to sleep.  What a soothing sound.  People have chuckled (and worse) about my metal roof but without it I wouldn't be endlessly entertained by the cats and soothed by the rain.

I know this isn't for everyone, any more than New York City is for everyone, but it is definitely for me.  It's so lovely to find the place that fits me like a glove.

Next week I'm off to Mindo for a few days.  I won't be blogging from there but you'll hear all about it when I return.  In the meantime I may write a couple of blog posts that will pop up on their own while I'm gone.  Now that I'm back to having everything I need to write and I'm moved and almost totally healthy again, I don't want to have too much time pass between posts.  With luck my life will be busy enough to get enough photos and quiet enough to have writing time so I can get back to daily posts.  I've missed this.

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