Monday, February 4, 2013

Another New Hot Spot in Cotacachi

Cotacachi has yet another business owned by an ex-pat.  The Monkey Bar opened a couple of weeks ago to great enthusiasm (including mine).  I got a little wild and crazy that night but it was all great fun with good friends.  The funny part is that this was on a Saturday night and before noon on Sunday, people I went to play cards with already knew how many drinks I'd had (five of them--yes, I know, that's a rather high number and, so, probably memorable).  Small town living is such a riot.  If you can't deal with people talking about you, this might not be your ideal place to live.

Inline image 3

Isn't it lovely?  All the paintings on the wall are originals painted by a local artist (by "local" I mean someone in one of the nearby communities).

In addition to the bar, Michael will be opening a restaurant next door as soon as the chef he's hired can get here from Italy.  I can hardly wait.

The Monkey Bar is located on Leather Street and Pedro Moncayo, in the same building at RE/MAX Realty, where Daniel's Restaurant used to be (yep, that's the one Michael will be taking over).

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