Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Housewarming Party, Part III

And so the party time arrived and so did the guests.  It was wonderful and absolutely perfect.

There were new friends as well as "old" ones (it's really hard to have old friends when I haven't even been here a year, yet).  By the way, I'm the one in yellow.

There was food, food, and more food.  I don't think all of it had arrived at this point.  In addition to the potato and corn chips there was hummus (and pita bread), homemade salsa, a huge bowl of guacamole, bacon onion dip, two plates of veggies, cheese and salami with crackers, olives, potato sticks, peanuts, and a ton of stuff to drink.

You can tell everyone was having a great time.

Ah, and in addition to the people guests, there were four-legged ones as well.  Chia's not too sure how she feels about her mom holding that puppy.

Two more two-legged friends and a four-legged one as well.

Ah, the party's over and just about all that's left are the dirty dishes.  You know it was a successful party when you have several bags of trash.  That was fabulous.

The food was pretty popular!

Just about the only think left over in abundance were the beverages.

All in all I had about 40 people come and go and it was always the perfect number in here at one time.  It seemed like just about the time a few people got ready to leave, a few more would arrive.  I had room for 12 people to sit in the living room (we were cozy but there was room) and there were only a couple of times when one person had to stand and only a couple of times that there was an empty chair.  It couldn't have worked out better if I'd planned it.

I hope my friends had half as much fun as I did and I hope you enjoyed enjoying it through words and pictures.

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