Sunday, February 3, 2013

Mindo -- Birds of Los Bancos

And here we are, at the end of the Mindo photos.  It was a fabulous trip and one that I hope to make again.  Our tour guide has gone close to a dozen times and never tires of photographing the birds and butterflies (particularly the birds).  I think it could definitely be that way for me.

On Wednesday we made a little trek up to Los Bancos, a small town near Mindo, to have lunch, watch birds, and go to an ATM if anyone needed to do that.  Mindo doesn't have one--Los Bancos does.

The restaurant was also a small hostal.  The rooms are on the left, the restaurant in the back.

This is the view from the back deck of the restaurant.  The pictures are a little hazy today because the clouds of the cloud forest were drifting down to our level.

This is a swallow tailed kite.  They're very impressive floating along on the wind currents.

In addition to a pretty good picture of the kite, I love the way the clouds are playing around at the top of that mountain in the background.

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  1. My husband, Jerry, and I really enjoyed your photos of Mindo and the birds and butterflies!Thanks.