Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Another Moving Day Approaches

Tomorrow afternoon I mover from the hotel to my cute little apartment.  It's only 2 blocks away so it's not far physically but the change will be huge.

I will have a kitchen, a bathroom I don't have to close the door to use, a desk, and a sofa.  Pure heaven.  Don't get me wrong, I love the place I've been staying--the people couldn't possibly be nicer and there's a "living room and kitchen" shared by everyone.  I've taken advantage of the kitchen to store my butter in the fridge--then I get a fresh roll from one of the half dozen bakeries within a couple of blocks from me and that's dinner. 

The other night I bought a piece of chicken from a shop down the street--it's Cotacachi's version of KFC--for $1.20.  I thought I had picked out a thigh but it turned out to be a breast.  It also came with fries and cole slaw (KFC?).  I prefer dark meat to white because it's so much juicier.  Breast meat tends to be very dry.  This was definitely not the case with this one.  It was every bit as tender as I would expected a thigh to be.  Since it was a kind of messy meal, I decided to have it at the dining room table upstairs.  One of the owners of the building lives up there and she has tiny kitten who has definitely not been taught any manners.  No matter how many times I put her down, she thought it was great fun to climb up my leg and attack my chicken.  I have to admit, it was as entertaining as it was annoying. 

My chicken had come in a very crinkly plastic bag and she thought that was great fun. While she played in there, I had a chance to eat my sandwich.  Then I discovered what it was  that she needed--a toy!  I had wiped my hands on my napkin and crumpled it up and tossed it, in the hopes I might get to finish lunch.  She left me in peace for the rest of my meal.  I had a little chicken left over when I was finished so I put it in a little plastic bag and put it in the fridge and told Kathy that it was for Patience.  I love cats but not enough to let her eat off my plate.

I went to a dentist yesterday just to have a little filing done on my dental work.  He was wonderful!  Not only did he speak almost fluent English, he was efficient and paid close attention to how I was feeling.  He wrote me a prescription for a pain reliever for my gums where they had gotten inflamed from the rough edge and the total bill was $10.

I'm going to miss having Sheila to show me around town and translate for me.  She's a wonderful woman and she and I seem to have bonded in just this short a time.

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  1. I 'discovered' your blog [s?] yesterday and am catching up before moving on to your current editions. Have to tell you that I thoroughly enjoy your comments and ways of writing. Thanks, for now.