Friday, March 16, 2012

I'm Home

Well, I moved into my apartment yesterday afternoon and I love it.  Now that I've not only seen it but am living here, I'm quite certain I want a day bed.  The have amazing woodworkers in a town nearby so I'll figure out exactly what I want and see how much it would cost to have one made.  The main criteria is that it have drawers underneath.  They also make upholstered furniture there so I'll see about getting "couch" back cushions and arm cushions as well.  It will make the room look a ton bigger and it will look more like a living room instead of a bedroom with a loveseat in it.  Don't get me wrong--I love it--I'm just thinking towards the future.

There are a few song birds who serenade me and that's quite nice.  I also have neighbors--literally next door--with chickens and a minimum of one rooster.  It sounds like two or three but that may just be because I'm not used to them, yet.  I truly hope that will happen soon.

As I organize my kitchen stuff into this kitchen, I can see how canisters and baskets will be a big help.  Sheila left her microwave, toaster oven, and blender on the counters and that's great except I don't use them.  I was still using the microwave at home every once in a while but it wasn't something I needed.  That will free up lots of space for other things.

If Fernando gets here soon enough, I'll go get my cell phone today and stop at the bakery for fresh rolls for dinner.  I'm not quite sure what I'll have.  I have a couple pieces of chicken I was going to use for chicken & dumplings but the celery was so sickly looking at the "big" store  where I got my start-up staples that I decided to wait until I go to the market.  The big one is on Sunday so I think I'll go then.  In the meantime, frying up one of the pieces sounds pretty darned good.  When I go to the bakery, I'll stop at a little store and see what vegetables they have that look good.  Mmm, mmm good.

A couple of you have expressed an interest in my address.  Um, I don't really have one.  There's a number that goes with the building but most people say "it's on Modesto Penaherra, between Sucre and (whatever the other cross street is).  It's the yellow one right across from the church.  Even if I gave people my proper address, mail doesn't get delivered here.  One day soon I need to go to the post office and rent a box.  It's just another one of those things that makes living here an adventure.

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  1. Hello Yarny,

    I guess you have not been reading your emails since I sent you two -- last one last night -- and have not heard a word in return. Please read the one I sent to you last night ASAP and get back to me. Glad all is going well--too bad you've gone individually incommunicado. Frustrating. - Love & Hugs -- Snarky