Friday, March 2, 2012

Packing and More Packing

Yesterday was a major milestone in my trip prep.  My daughter came over in the afternoon and didn't leave until 9:00.  She kicked major butt getting everything I am definitely taking and the stuff I'm either taking now or that people will bring to me in little batches when they come visit all piled (neatly in bins) in my dining room.  That was a huge relief!

All the boxes I couldn't get down from shelves have been gone through and sorted into take, want-to-take, sell, or trash.  That is such a huge relief!

My dad and younger (as opposed to youngest) sister are coming to visit today. They will not only visit here--they'll take me on errands I need to run.  This afternoon my granddaughter is coming over for a little while and tonight my daughter is coming back to pack what I'm taking and put the rest in bins for storage for another day.  I'm tired already.

This is feeling so good.

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