Friday, March 23, 2012

First Week Flew By

Oh my gracious!  It's been an entire week since I last updated you on how things are going here.

I've had a week to settle into my new little apartment and I'm loving it.  I've discovered bits and pieces of things that don't really surprise me but that I wasn't necessarily expecting.  For instance, there is at least one bakery per block--OK, maybe not quite that many but within one block from my front door there are two of them.  The one closest to me is very nice and it's where I generally go to buy my bread for the next day or two.  The bakeries don't sell loaves of bread, just rolls and such.  The make amazing puff pastry dough.  I'm fairly certain it's purchased rather than made on site because it's so consistent from one bakery to another.

They eat a lot less sugar than people in the US.  They have sweets but they are more like a sweet dough rather than a sweet dough with something sweeter inside.  It's very interesting.  I find myself craving far less sugar than I did in the States--that can't be a bad thing.

On a different front, my cast came off today--well, last night but we don't have to tell the doctors do we?  Now starts the physical therapy.  I imagine it's going to take a while but at least I can now type with both hands on the keyboard rather than hunt & peck.

I've been trading Spanish lessons for English lessons with the building owner's son.  Sebastian is a lovely young man and he is very patient with me.  He's had a few years of English in school but it isn't very practical.  I feel like I'm learning a lot while we're working but then he leaves and I'm back to knowing a couple of dozen words.  Ah, well, it will come with time.

I've decided to treat myself once a week to lunch at Solid Rock, the restaurant where almost everyone is a Gringo.  I don't need to live where there are only English speakers but I do like to hear English every once in a while so that's going to be how I do that.  I went today, after my lesson, and met a very interesting woman.  She's lived here for 18 years and is now getting ready to move on to somewhere else.  She isn't sure where yet but wherever it is, she'll have fun there--I can tell.

I'm sure I'm leaving lots out of what's going on but my wrist is telling me I might have overdone the activity today.  Enjoy your weekend!

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