Monday, April 30, 2012

Concert in the Park

I was just finishing up my post yesterday when I heard music coming from somewhere not too far away.  On my way home from the market I had noticed there were two canopies set up in the park and I wondered what they were for.  As soon as I heard the music, I knew what they were for.  I grabbed my camera and off I went.

It's a shame it was so sunny and the band was in the shade.  They were pretty impressive looking.  They all wear black suits with a matching shirt under the jacket.  They'll perform again when they're easier to see and I'll get a better photo.

As I was sitting on the steps of the church, I looked off to my right and there was this little woman carrying a very heavy-looking wooden table--on her head.  I have no idea where she was coming from or where she was headed but I was glad I was able to capture it for you.

I love the balcony on the second floor of that building.  The flowers are lovely and it looks out onto the park.

I decided to cross the street to the park so I could take a few photos in this direction.  This is the church that faces the park.  My apartment is across the street on the right side of the church.

I just love these old men.  They're sitting on the steps of the church, just off to the right of the main stairs (the mirror image of the photo below).  It's pretty easy to see the shoes these men are wearing.  All the indigenous people wear them.  There is no way I could wear shoes that tied around my ankles with what appears to be a very rough string--almost like twine.

The right side of this one shows part of the parochial school that's attached to the church.  The reason I took the photo, though, was to capture the lovely pastel colors of the houses across the street.  Aren't they lovely?

Those steps you can almost see on the left are the edge of the church.  This is the street my apartment's on.  If you look all the way down to almost the end of the street you'll see the very blue second floor of a building that sticks out over the sidewalk.  My apartment is just before that building. 

There's my building--the yellow one.  The door on the right is the little store.  My apartment is accessed from the door on the left, all the way in the back, behind the store.  Upstairs is one apartment that takes up the whole second floor.

Here's one of the buses on its way to Otavalo.  It's just passing by my apartment.  If I had wanted to head to Otavalo with them, all I would have had to do is wave at them and over they'd come.  The fellow who's in the door hops on and off the bus while it's still moving.  He's the driver's assistant.  After people get on the bus and get seated he goes around and collects the fares.

So, that was part 2 of my lovely Sunday in Cotacachi.  Then I went home and had a nice, big bowl of homemade cream of tomato soup.  Mmm, mmm good.

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