Sunday, April 22, 2012


There aren't a whole ton of TV shows I absolutely HAVE to watch--in fact, there aren't really any, but there are some I enjoy watching.  Of course moving down here was going to make that a thing of the past.  Oh, wait--I can watch on the computer.  There's Hulu and the networks themselves have full episodes of a lot of their shows.  I was set.

Uh, no.  Yesterday morning I decided to watch a couple of shows while I sat around recuperating and discovered that since I'm not in the United States or its territories, I can't get streaming video of the shows.  It's an international law kind of thing or something like that.  To say I'm disappointed is an understatement.  As I said, it's not like I have to watch them, I had just planned to be able to have a little touch of the States to help me transition into the total Ecuadorian experience.  Ah well, there's always Netflix streaming.  Uh oh, is there?  OK, I'm going to go check.  I'll be right back.............

...........OK, I'm safe there.  I can't watch this year's episodes but next year I can see some of them and that will be a good thing.  I wonder if I can rent them from Amazon--no, there's nothing I want to watch so badly that I'm willing to pay for it.

So, there I am, no US TV except the reruns on AXN.  They have all three CSIs, Criminal Minds, Castle, Unforgettable, and occasionally Law & Order.  They also have some of the new episodes of those shows and The Firm but they're on so late at night I'm in bed before they come on.  I watch some of them and pay close attention to the Spanish subtitles which really has been helping me with learning the language a bit better.  Sometimes it's just reminding me of a word I knew a couple of weeks ago but because I hadn't used it right away, it disappeared from my memory (oh, let's face it, even words I use right away disappear).  Sometimes it's a word I've heard and didn't know what it meant but knew it was something I wanted to know.  Sometimes it's one of those words that's almost the same in Spanish as it is in English and that give me a "free" Spanish word.  Whatever it is, I do learn a little more Spanish from subtitles and so I do have a few English shows to watch.

There are also movies on HBO and another premium channel but I have no way of getting the schedule for them so I don't watch them most of the time.  Sometimes I hit it just right and a new movie is getting ready to come on and it's one I want to watch.  A couple of nights ago I watched The Last Station again.  That was such a good movie.  I recommend it if you have any interest at all in well-written well-acted biopics.

There you go--my little disappointment with TV shows.  If that's the worst thing I have to deal with, I think I'm doing pretty fabulous.

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