Sunday, April 8, 2012

Good Friday and a Little Miscellaneous

And finally we come to the last in this long series of posts.

On Good Friday, on my way to my tour, I rounded the corner from my street to head up toward my destination and was confronted with hundreds of people on the church steps and in the park.
That's what the sidewalks and streets were like when I got further up the street where the procession started.

Across the street, in the park, things were busy but not nearly as crowded as the church steps.
Isn't it lovely that I have such a lovely park so close to my apartment?  Of course all I really have to do is go out into my back yard and have at least as much beauty.  I'll get photos out there one of these days.

Now for the miscellaneous:
Bamboo scaffolding:

Fashion show from the Expo yesterday:
 Who says we don't have all the conveniences of the States?
So, there you have it.  All the photos I've taken so far.  Now that I know I can get them on here, I'll take more of them for you.

Happy Easter!

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