Thursday, April 12, 2012

New Apartment Photos

Several of you asked for new photos of my apartment so I took some today.  I took them with my little camera and they don't appear to be quite as clear as from the big one but they'll be fine for these purposes.  The original photos of the apartment were taken square on so I could get the idea of what each "room" looked like.  These are taken from angles so you can see how all of the rooms tie together.

The sun may not be out but it's still bright enough out there to cause some serious blinding from the window.  When I sit here at my desk, my view is straight out to the avocado tree and off to the right just a bit is the papaya tree.  That's where the hummingbirds hang out.  I told a friend of mine that it's a good think I'm not trying to work as a Virtual Assistant down here because my eyes tend to wander out to watch the hummingbirds when I hear them talking to one another.

 I was totally amazed at how much the wardrobe can hold.  I have things I stored in the bathroom storage area that I'm going to bring back into the living room to store in here.  Everything's much easier to get at when it's on shelves rather than the floor.
 I like my low wall between the bedroom area and the kitchen.  It gives the kitchen lots more natural light and generally enlarges the look of the apartment.

Ecuadorian kitchens don't tend to "clutter" up their kitchens with a lot of cabinets.  I'm beginning to get used to it but it's still a little odd having so little cupboard space.
 The photo on the wall isn't my all-time favorite so I'm hoping I'll find a woven tapestry (like the one above the bed that belongs to Sheila) or something else to occupy that space.  The bouquet of roses kinds of blends into the wall coloring but those are my two dozen long-stemmed roses I got for $3 the other day.
 I didn't figure you'd really want to see the bathroom--it's pretty standard--but the door is so pretty I just had to show that off.
 ...and one more view from the kitchen into the living area.  The entire building is made of concrete, as are the kitchen counter tops.  It makes for a sturdy building but not so easy to hang things on the walls.
Tomorrow I'll have lots more shots of the garden.  OH!  Before I forget.  I took this photo while I was walking over to make an appointment with my dentist this morning.  I think it's safe to say that the chimney is no longer in use.


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  3. Hoping to move to Ecuador soon. Would you mind connecting with me via email? Have a couple of questions, not clear still on my research on internet. I am in my mid 40's, single and in search of a new start. Thanks =) Keep smiling! Ellie

    1. Did you make your move yet? I am still in the research process and would love any help