Saturday, April 21, 2012

Pedicure and Massage

On Tuesday I had my very first pedicure.  Actually, that's not true.  I had one so many years ago I couldn't even tell you when and I was most displeased with it.  The woman was so rough I had her stop part way through and had never tried again.  Then a friend of mine told me what a wonder woman she had found who gave manicures and pedicures with a very gentle hand.  Oh my, you mean there isn't just one way to give a pedicure?  Duh!  And here I am, the person who tells people that just because you had one bad experience with something or some group or whatever doesn't mean the whole profession, thing, or people are the same.

When I broke my wrist, one of the things I couldn't do was manage a nail clipper in my right hand and I quickly discovered that I can cut toenails on my right foot with my left hand but I couldn't manage the left foot.  Oh dear.  My toenails were not going to stop growing just because I couldn't clip them.  After I'd had my cast off for a couple of weeks I was able to clip the four smaller toenails but not the big one. Oh dear again.

So here I am in Cotacachi and I get an email from my fabulous list I'm on telling me there's a woman who's very experienced with manicures, pedicures, and massage/reflexology who will come to your home and provide this service for an extraordinarily fabulous price.  I decided that if I could tell that first pedicurist to stop because she was hurting me, I could do the same with this one if it became necessary.  It wasn't necessary.  It was the most luxuriating experience I may have ever had.  OK, not exactly true but it sure was amazing.

Then, she finishes the pedicure and I get my massage.  I'm so glad I put what I owed her on the counter by the front door because I'm not sure I could have gotten up to get it for her.

I'm going to have to see how often I can work this into my budget.  I'm definitely going for the pedicure again but the massage will be more of a budgetary item.


  1. Cynthia - your blog is wonderful. How much for the Pedi and massage?

  2. You might have just got a terrible experience with your previous pedicure that's why you're sort of skeptical when it comes to other's testimonials. I must agree that it's hard to recover from bad experience, but it's good to hear that you found someone that could give you the comfort that you needed.