Sunday, April 8, 2012


Last night I told you I wasn't able to get close enough to Friday's procession to take photos.  Well, last night there was a mini procession of just one float.  I'm not sure why it was last night but I was comfortable with not knowing.  I was just pleased to be able to get photos.

All of Friday's floats had the same theme, just as this one did.  They all depicted Mary and were decorated with flowers.  Each of them was different in terms of design, just the theme remained constant.  Last night was no exception.

In this photo you can see the legs they put under the float when the men who carry it need a break.  They walk about a block and then take a few minutes rest, then off they go again for another block.  It's a good thing they did--otherwise I wouldn't have had time to dash back to my apartment, get my camera, and get back outside fast enough to get an even halfway decent photo.  They didn't go far before they stopped for this mini break.

On Friday there were no vehicles at all in the procession but last night there was a baby truck to provide lights for the float and since they had the power source, they played music with speakers large enough to pretty much take up the whole width of the open truck bed.
That has to be seriously heavy.  The base alone is made of 2x4s and covered with thin planks.  At the very bottom you can see the cord that runs from the truck to the float.

Next you get to see photos of my first night in Ecuador.  Be prepared to laugh.

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