Thursday, May 24, 2012

Affordable Housing

Way back on Saturday I went to an open house for a new type of house being built here in Cotacachi.  That's the day we got all the rain and I've been writing posts about all of that until today when I get to tell you about what I experienced at the open house.

First of all, yes, it was pretty wet.  The Realtor/Builder put put boards to help everyone get from one dry place to another but it was still a mess.  Fortunately there was a very good turnout anyway.

The house was at the end of a drive that serves four houses and this one is at the end.  Most of the drive was pretty well covered in gravel so where the water had receded, it was an easy walk.  There were a couple of places that it got a little damp but not enough to turn people back.

Once there, the house was great.  It's an 800 square foot house with 3 bedrooms and 2 baths.  Yes, all the rooms are very small.  It goes with the price, though.  It's $38,000!  Yep, $38,000.  That doesn't include the land but I've heard land is quite affordable here as well.

Here are some of my favorite photos:
The living room is almost big enough to accommodate a sofa, loveseat, and two chairs.

The stove will go to the left of the sink and the refrigerator (which is going to have to be incredibly narrow) will go right where the Realtor is standing. (I do so wish I could remember her name.  I'll update this post when I remember it.)  The peninsula was an add-on the new owners wanted. Part of its purpose is a place to eat but something's going to have to go before any stools will fit there.

The thing that is jutting out from the house is a traditional washing machine.  Close up below this one.

Yep, the traditional washing machine: a deep tub for washing and rinsing and a scrub board made of concrete.

The front of the house.  From here it looks like the roof is flat but it has a lovely red tile roof.

This is the material they use for building.  It's like a hard foam inside a wire cage.  They put the pieces together with sturdy clips and spray a finish over it that is very strong and ecologically friendly.

So if moving to Cotacachi is something you've been wanting to do but were a little concerned about the increasing housing costs, this is a great option.  Personally, I'm happy renting but I wanted to show you one of the many options here.

Next up is the blessing of the house by a local Shaman.

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