Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Groceries in Bags

I think I may have mentioned that many grocery products in Ecuador come in bags.  Since that may be a wee bit difficult to wrap your head around (it sure was for me), I thought I'd share a photo of some of the things I've purchased since I got here that came in that form of packaging.

Back to front, left to right:
Milk (in a wine box Sheila left for me to use--thank goodness), corn starch, mayo, olives, jam, nutmeg.

In the almost 2 months I've been here, I still don't have any jars to use for things like my zucchini relish.  As far as that goes, I don't even have plastic containers (like the ones cottage cheese comes in).  It's a darned good thing I brought along some old but very light Tupperware containers I got from my mom not long before the move.  I brought them because they were so light and have been thankful ever since.

The other thing I recently noticed at the grocery store (the big one, not the little tiendas) was that the only freezer they have is the one that contains ice cream.  Just imagine--no frozen vegetables, pizzas, juice, lasagna, pie crust, or whatever it is that you buy from the freezer section of your local grocer.  Oh, and the ice cream freezer was very small because there is only one brand and one size of ice cream.

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