Saturday, May 12, 2012

Procession and Market

I did some shopping at a few different places this morning and as I was almost at the fresh food market, along came a procession.  I have no idea what it was celebrating but it was very colorful and fun to watch.  It was preceded by someone setting off bottle rockets in the middle of the intersection.  Firecrackers and bottle rockets are very popular here. 

Enjoy the photos and a couple of bonus ones at the end.

I wish I could have gotten across the street to take a photo of long line of women on the other side but I caught a few of them as the procession headed my way.  The indigenous men almost always wear white pants and shoes and the pants are always spotless.  I don't know how they manage that.  I can't even manage to keep my T-shirts stain-free.

These women weren't part of the parade but they were walking down the sidewalk at the same pace as the parade.  Take a look at the beautiful embroidery on the first woman's blouse.  All of that is done by hand and is always beautiful.  Some are more colorful and more elaborate and others are a bit simpler.  All of them are lovely.

As with every procession I've seen here, Saint Mary plays a big role.  Also, the men were twirling their handkerchiefs in time to the music.  It's almost impossible to tell since I just missed them having their hands above their heads but I suspect it would lose something in the translation anyway.

The band was very professional but they had great enthusiasm.  The drummers had already passed by the time I was able to snap the photo.  If you look carefully at the previous photo you can see the beginning of the band.

Ecologically sound taxis.  I haven't tried one and I don't think I'll be adventurous enough to do so for a while.

Isn't that just THE most beautiful smiling face you've ever seen?  This is my very favorite homeless person here in Cotacachi.  Her "apron" is made from some kind of plastic and her feet are bare.  She is unable to speak.  I'm not sure why she can't, but she gesticulates with great animation and manages to get her point across.  Today she told me that she had stepped on something sharp and had cut the bottom of her feet.  She prayed to the Virgin Mary to help them heal.  I wish there was some way I could have measured her because I don't think she can possibly be more than 4' 6" tall and probably shorter than that.  I'll figure out how to do it someday.  OH!  I have an idea.  I can measure the space behind her after she leaves.  I know how far up the wall she stood.

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