Thursday, May 10, 2012

No Returns

Not long ago I bought a toaster oven.  I don't have a toaster and my oven doesn't have a broiler so toast isn't something I've been eating for a while.  Tia had a toaster oven for almost exactly the same price as the toaster I had seen in another shop a few days before and I thought it sounded like it would be more versatile than just a toaster.

As it turns out, it wasn't much good for anything but toast.  The photo on the box was bad enough that I couldn't tell that there was no temperature dial on it that would actually let me use it as an "oven."  Oops.  Well, the simple solution was simply to return it, right?

Not so much it turns out.  Apparently once you've purchased something here, unless it doesn't work, it's yours--forever.  It's a good little bit of information to know and now I'll be much more cautious with my purchases.

This time, however, the store manager was ever-so nice to me.  She saw that it was still in all of its original packaging and was in perfect condition and she allowed me to go get groceries in the same amount (or more) as the toaster oven.  How sweet is that?  It was a totally painless way to learn that I need to think twice before buying something.

Here's the funniest part, though.  I had a hard time finding enough things to buy to take me up to my $26 exchange amount.  I thought that was pretty funny, actually.  I guess my buying habits have changed quite a bit in the short time I've been here.  I ended up getting some dish soap that I'll need sometime in the next month or two, a nice big umbrella I've been thinking about getting, hot cocoa mix, a strainer, and a few other things that I wouldn't have gotten all at the same time or even at all (the cocoa mix is one of those things).  Since the toaster oven was already paid for and that money was gone, it was almost like getting $26 worth of groceries free.  Gotta love it.

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