Sunday, May 27, 2012

Photo Roundup, May 27, 2012

Wet dog.  This little guy wandered around the house warming as if he belonged.  Actually, he's one of the stray dogs who happened to smell the hot dogs cooking and came looking for a handout.  He actually did quite well.  He didn't get much meat but he got plenty of hot dog bun to keep him happy.

Just a block from a fairly busy street is a house that has seen better days.  The sign out front tells the directions to a nearby pharmacy.

Up a bit closer it's even easier to see the vegetation growing on the top of the door frame.

A little more than a block down from the falling down house I found one land owner's method of weed control.  There were only three or four strands of barbed wire that didn't appear to be very securely attached to the fence posts but the cows were also tethered to ropes.

When's the last time you saw cases of empty returnable bottles?  Almost all soft drinks sold in restaurants are in returnable bottles.  It was one of the things I hadn't seen in so many years I can't even remember.  I do remember buying soft drinks in returnable bottles, though.  It was ecologically sound but a pain in the rear sometimes.

I woke up right at sunrise Wednesday morning and was greeted by this:

And this--Mt. Cotacachi with no clouds shrouding the top of her.  According to local beliefs, she is the mother of our little valley.

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