Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Roosters Next Door

On Monday I told you about the concrete block wall that fell down as a result of the rain with a bit of an assist from tree and plant roots.  Behind that wall live the roosters who awaken somewhere around midnight each night.

I discovered several things about the roosters.  First of all, there aren't two or three of them.  There are at least 10!  Yes, 10 roosters in one yard.

Because of the shade from the trees you have to look hard to see them but in there are 10 little pens, each containing a rooster and a hen. In the background of this photo, nearly hidden, are six little cages where Julio says the chicks are raised.

Then, a little broader angle:

These two seem to be something special.  They get a cage away from the others and with a bit of sun.  Of course I suppose they could be in a time out corner.

Julio said I now have access to fresh chicken soup ingredients--there's a thought.

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