Monday, May 14, 2012

Spanish Lessons

I hit the jackpot today!  I met a lovely woman and her husband at the presentation about the Amazon and the tour company that would love to take you there.  I had so much fun talking to Lois that I suggested she and I might just have to get together sometime.  She invited me to drop by their house anytime I wanted. They live one building down from the bank where I use the ATM and since I was there on Thursday I thought it was a great time to drop in.

It turns out it was better than a great time.  I had arrived just as Lois, David, and Marilyn (a lovely woman I met on the Kichwa village tour and saw again at the Amazon presentation) were starting their Spanish lesson.  They are studying on their own, from a very old Berlitz book.  I was invited to stay and either just observe or actually take part.  Well, of course I took part--it's pretty much who I am.

When they invited me to join them on a regular basis, I jumped at the chance.  What could be better than getting together with people I like who are doing something I want to do, well besides going to lunch with them after class?  Yep, after class they go somewhere for lunch.  They try to pick a different restaurant each time which is great for me.  I love discovering different places to eat.

So now, every Monday and Thursday morning I will be going to Spanish classes.  This is another exciting happening here in lovely Cotacachi.

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