Sunday, May 6, 2012

Amazon Anyone?

Yesterday was a truly fun experience.  There's a man here in Ecuador who has been in the tour business for the past 38 years and he doesn't do typical tours--he puts together tours that are designed for the people who are going.

At any rate, we met yesterday at La Tola Restaurant (no, I didn't take photos--DARN) where we started with a fabulous meal.  We could choose between beef, chicken, and trout.  I was a bit leery of the trout since I haven't had it here before.  You just never know how it might be.  Well, I saw a few other people get there's and I decided I was going to be brave.  I certainly didn't make a mistake.  It was the best trout I've ever had
and I grew up in Minnesota, land of 10,000 lakes and every one of them had trout in them (well, maybe not every one of them but trout was plentiful).  The meat was tender and flaky and the skin was crispy and very nicely seasoned.  It was served with homemade steak fries, a salad of cold steamed vegetables and tomatoes with a little oil and some kind of leafy herb, and rice.  All of that was for $6.00.  It's more than many places but the food was well worth that price.

After lunch Oswaldo gave his slide presentation of not only the Ecuadorian Amazon trips but also tours in Quito, the coast, and the Galapagos Islands.  His company is Nuevo Mundo Expeditions and if I were a wealthy woman, I'd be on their ship heading down the Amazon next week!  Even though I'm not going, it was great fun to hear about it and learn more about the country in which I live.

Who knows--maybe someday I'll be able to put together 10 or 12 people who want to go on a tour and I'll get my trip free.  You just never know, do you?

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