Friday, May 18, 2012

Festival and Procession

Last night Julio, the owner of my apartment, came knocking at my door and told me there was a festival and procession outside and would I like to come, too.  Of course I would!  Unfortunately I didn't have my big camera ready to go and had to grab the little one instead (the big one will be kept at the ready for possible future needs).

This one was to celebrate the anniversary of Daniel's school.  I'm not sure if there was a festival there or not but the parade was great fun.  I'll have to let Julio know that whenever he hears about something like this that I'd love to know about it.  There really isn't a central place where things like this are posted.  I'm just lucky to live on one of the two streets where processions seem to happen on a fairly regular basis.

So, I have photos but they're terrible, I mean really terrible, but I have to share them with you anyway.  I know I can trust you to ignore them if you have too much trouble seeing them.

I couldn't resist putting this one in just because of the reflections off the flute.

Here are some of the kids with their little candles to help light their way.  Thank goodness for those or I never would have gotten a photo that showed anything even halfway visible.
Well, I hot about half of Daniel's face.  That's his grandmother there with him.

I do so wish I could have gotten a better shot of the clowns on stilts.  They were pretty impressive.

The clowns were great fun.  Daniel's mom is in there somewhere but I have absolutely no idea which one she might be.  Oh, and Minnie Mouse was pretty cute, too.

This adorable little girl wasn't all that sure she wanted to have her picture taken by that crazy gringa but she was a good sport.  Her dad was very pleased that I wanted to take her photo.  Proud papa.
There you go, another opportunity for a celebration here in Cotacachi. 

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