Thursday, May 10, 2012

Article About Expats in Cotacachi

Yesterday I got an email from our local email list person.  I thought it was an excellent portrayal of people who have moved here from other parts of the world.  Here it is in its entirety.

Recent article on New Residents translated into English by Dan Delgado
from El Norte newspaper
Published Friday, 4th of May, 2012
Original article can be seen at:


For a few years now, the presence of "strangers" living in and around
Cotacachi has become more noticeable. Generally these are retired
Americans and Europeans taking refuge in the pleasant climate, the
colorful landscape and mainly in the tranquility here. With no regrets
they're settling into this privileged place, leaving behind an
agitated world of intense stress but also some of the advantages of
life in those other lands. They are amiable people who little by
little are adapting to the way of life here.

Approximately 300 people of American and European nationalities now
have their houses and apartments in the city and its environs, each
looking for what they most prefer; whether this be country life or
city life. In some cases their houses are rustic constructions of wood
and adobe earth. However, others prefer brick and cement constructions
with extra comforts, and in either case they value having pretty views
of the landscape.

The houses preferred by the pensioners cost sometimes as much as 120
thousand dollars and the apartments run around 80 thousand dollars,
prices considered by many to be pretty high for this area. Among those
benefited by the newcomers are the constructors of new developments
which then also provide work for local people- plus there is increased
economic opportunity that all of this activity generates for other
businesses and markets and especially it seems for restaurants, since
the outsiders often meet in these places to chat or set up activities.

As negatives, I should mention the rising prices of real estate even
for the rental of houses and apartments, and rising labor costs even
in the wages for domestic employees. Since the new residents generally
pay by the hour and pay closer to the monetary level that is paid in
the United States or Europe, these changes have caused malaise between
some people of the area.

Although some things are affected negatively, optimistically I would
say that in the long run the presence of these newcomers generates
mostly benefits.

Editorial Opinion article by Renata Barragán

Translated from Spanish by
Dan Delgado for the
Communications Committee for English-Speaking Residents of Cotacachi

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