Sunday, May 13, 2012

Weekly Roundup of Photos

Since I seem to be accumulating more and more single photos with no real blog post to attach them to, it seemed to make sense to start a weekly post that has the pictures of things that I found interesting during the week.

I hadn't been out in the back yard for several days and when I went out on Wednesday morning, this beautiful surprise was waiting for me.

This stick isn't attached to a tree or anything else.  It's simply serving as host for the plants on either end of it.  I wonder how long it's been growing like this.

The fronts of houses and apartments almost always look grim and dreary.  There's room here for a car to be parked behind the decorative gate and then there's the lovely patio in the center courtyard of the home.  This is just the part I can see from the street but it goes off on either side.

I love these bicycles.  I see them every once in a while and I have absolutely no idea why they are so beautifully decorated but when I find out, I'll definitely let you know--well, if it's a fun explanation at any rate.

You may recall the photos of the "Food Court" at the market in my post, "A New Walk."  Here's one of the homeless dogs very politely asking for a handout or two.  I think she would have done better if she'd chosen people who eat less than construction workers but she may know something I don't.

School's out.  I wasn't able to get a photo of one of the girls wearing her traditional skirt with the rest of her uniform but the two boys in the foreground demonstrate it nicely for their gender.  The boy on the left is wearing the traditional white slacks and white shoes while the boy on the right is wearing khaki pants and "modern" shoes.

This young man was serenading his girlfriend (or at least a friend who is a girl) with one of the country's most popular musical instruments.  It probably ranks third below the guitar and Andean flute.  He was a bit embarrassed but rather pleased as well.

The photo was taken facing across the street from my apartment.  The "graffiti mural" is one of my favorites, especially the part in front of which this young man is standing.  Basically it says, "When you think everything you consume from television is good," Next tv screen, "No Questions."

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