Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Bible College Fun and Games

This seems to be the week for a religious theme.  First we had the minister of the missionary church leaving (part two coming up in a few days) and now we have the most fun bible college class you can imagine.

Dawn is our College President (actually, I'm not sure she has a title but she's the one who started the international college branch and she has somewhere around 200 distance learners and just the 6 or 7 of us locals who attend the in-person college), and she has one of the greatest senses of humor and silliness I've seen in a long time.

This one has a ton of photos but there isn't much text so you get the whole thing all in one lump.

Two of our class members, Terry and Pamela, were married just four months ago, very shortly before they came down here to see if Ecuador was for them.  Well, Dawn decided that since we hadn't been invited to the wedding in the States, we'd have one here.

Both Pamela and Terry were blindfolded outside and carefully led into our classroom.

Pamela is such a good sport as Dawn gets her exactly where she wants her.

Then comes the veil--yes, a veil.

Now for Terry's top hat.  Can you tell Dawn made it?

She made his bow tie, too (along with Pamela's veil).

"Keep your eyes closed.

 "...still closed"

"OK, you can open them now."  (Sheiran's having just WAY too much fun.)

Dawn adds the final touch by putting the veil in front of Pamela's face.

 And here they are, the bride and groom, complete with all the trimmings.

"You may kiss the bride."

Aren't they just adorable?

What kind of wedding can you have without a cake?  This one was made from scratch by our lovely Dawn.

Throwing rice or flower petals outside wasn't a great idea so we sprinkled them with petals while we were still inside.  Dawn started...

...then Sheiran...

(she's still having a ton of fun)

...and I came along at the end.

Isn't this little girl just a sweetie?  She's the daughter of the people who run the restaurant right next door and she was a little overcome by the strange Gringos and what we were doing.  It would have been adorable if she could have been the flower girl but, alas, not enough Spanish language skills on our part and just a little shy on hers.

Cutting the cake.

Feeding cake to one another--no smashing it in faces. (I was trying to get the photos taken as quickly as I could and didn't realize the focus was on the bouquet rather than the happy couple--darn!)

Dawn offers up a heart-felt prayer.

Time to say goodby.

We sure had a lot of fun that day.


  1. Cynthia,
    That was fun... as you put it: "the greatest senses of humor and silliness I've seen in a long time." Thank you for documenting that joyous occasion with that many pics.
    On the "religious theme" - Have you seen a little place of worship in Cotacachi named "Salón del Reino"? Thank you!
    Edward Solano

  2. Based from your pictures, I could really see that you enjoyed it very much. Thanks for posting this. I really appreciate it.

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