Friday, June 22, 2012

Goodbye Dan, Part II

Last week, in Goodby Dan Part I, I started telling you about the minister who was going back to Germany for a year and I had so many photos that I decided to split the story up into two parts.  As promised, here's part 2.

The second presentation by the youth of the church had spoken words so the content wasn't as clear to me as the mime presentation was but it definitely had the same theme and the actors were pretty amazing.  I was particularly impressed with their makeup (I know, how superficial is that!).

This was one of my favorite scenes.  The young woman in the pink sweater thinks she can sing.  You can tell from the other young woman across from her that not everyone shared in that opinion.  That one didn't require any Spanish language skills to understand.

I'm thinking this was a bit of a zombie thing but I could have been mistaken--this is where the makeup really shows up well.

As the guy on the left reads from the bible, the people in their dirty, torn clothes gather around and as they take them off, they are dressed in white garments (we're pretty much ignoring the pants but you get the idea).

And here they all are, all clean and living in the Word while the young man who was reading the bible says a prayer.

The group had a banner for Dan--it was in Spanish--no clue what it said but the sentiment was obvious.

The youth band combined with several members from the adult band and played a couple of songs for us.

The music was very moving.

This is Dan, his wife, and their five children, including the twins--the last two to come along.  He wife, bless her, home schools them partially because they are tri-lingual, partly because tuition is very expensive here, and I suspect partly because of their religious convictions.

Everyone wanted to say their personal goodbyes to Dan.  My favorite is the little woman with the canvas bag slung around her neck.  If I'd been more cognizant of the whole photo and not just Dan, I would have taken care to get the couple at the very left of the frame in better view.  Those are two of the three other English speakers I mentioned in the first post.

There you are--and Ecuadorian church service with the extra bits of the two programs thrown in for good measure.  I was telling Dawn I might have to go to the Spanish service every once in a while.  I might not understand what's going on but the music alone is worth the visit.

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