Saturday, June 23, 2012

Inti Raymi, Part III, the Children

Yesterday was the parade for the children for Inti Raymi.  This is where they get to do the same circle dances their dads will do but they do it in miniature all the way around.  Enough typing, enjoy the children.
All the children in yesterday's parade were pre-schoolers (there were a few older children there but they were assisting their little brothers and/or sisters)  The littlest of them were all ready to do something just like the grownups.  If you saw the videos from the other day on my post "Inti Raymi, Part II," you heard the music (I use the term loosely) and saw the dancing (again, very loose usage--more like stamping of feet).  Well, this is when the little ones do the same thing.  Throughout you'll see musical instruments and sometimes you'll see the little circles of children around the people (generally adults or much older children) playing instruments.

The chaps and hats are very traditional and will be worn by the men when they come out to dance.  There is also a heavy emphasis on sunglasses--no clue why but the kids are sure cute in them.

This little guy can barely stand on his own but that's OK, dad will help.  Behind those two there's a triangular construction with fruit on it.  I know this is significant because I saw several of them but I haven't been able to find out what the significance is.

This little group worked very hard making cardboard guitars for a couple of the little guys.  These are just the cutest little kids anyway and then they get all dressed up and they get even cuter.

Again, "monsters" seem to have a particular significance and again I have no idea why.

The little fellow just left of center has on one of the better handmade monster masks.

Here the musicians are wearing store-bought masks as they play their instruments.

The kids really were having fun--honest they were--but you sure can't tell it by looking at them.  They take it very seriously while they have their fun.

More masks, more kids

This little guy with the bright blue shirt under the black T-shirt is taking this stamping business very seriously.  I love his had.  Of course the giant hat on the little boy in front of him is pretty impressive, too.

I think someone's feeling a little left out.

Take a look at the adorable little boy in the red plaid shirt in the lower left.  He's got what appears to be a bit of hero worship for the young man in front of him.  I love the look on his face.  Oh, and the guitar player was quite excellent.

The little boy who is front and center is carrying a whip.  It has a large significance in the whole dancing cowboy thing, having to do with mastery of skills.  The little girl in the lower right corner is carrying her doll on her back just like the women carry their babies.

What a face!  Need I say more?

The television crew was here but I haven't seen anything online that looks like it was taken here.  Too bad--I could have given you a link to see all the goings on.  I'll keep looking for it.

Here we're in front of the municipal building.  The little boys with their pan flutes are adorable but then, if you look a little to the right, there's a very enthusiastic young fellow stamping along with the kids in the street.  If you look closely at the gentleman on the far right--the one in the argyle sweater--that's our Alcalde (Mayor) giving an interview to someone--perhaps the reporter who goes with the camera above.

More to come in a day or two.

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