Friday, June 29, 2012

Moving To Cotacachi: The Book

I've been getting a lot of interest from readers of my blog about some of the more specific information involved in moving to Cotacachi.  I love corresponding with people who write to me but it also occurred to me that there are so many questions that go unasked that I started putting together a blog post or two about this information.  Pretty soon I had a half dozen of them and I was nowhere near done.

I decided to write a little booklet sharing some of my insights and those of others who have made the move.  Then it occurred to me that having a resource section would be a good idea, too.  That way you could discover who to talk to about what.  It would take a little longer to write as well, especially since I have to do quite a bit of research on much of it.

Now I'm getting to the slightly overwhelmed place where I have all kinds of things in all kinds of places but when I look at it I just see a mess.  I'm not really all that worried about that part, though, because I think that will start coming together as I keep writing.

Here's where I need help: I need to know what you want to know.  What are the questions you have about moving here?  What aren't you hearing about from people who write blogs, books, and websites?


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  2. Hi Cynthia, my a name is Wendy and I think it's great you are willing to impart your information to help others looking to move to Cotacachi. I've been trolling the internet looking for information about buying land in Cotacachi. The objective is to move my family there soon and the hubby and I would like to get the starting point on purchasing land. The other thing I'd like to find out is schooling (can I home-school in Cotacachi, must my kids go to an actual school building, etc.). Is there any availability of internet there? Finally, what items can we bring from USA and how do we bring them? (items such as computers, furniture, and books). I hope I didn't overwhelm you with all this info. request..... I truly appreciate any help you can give me. I can be emailed the information at