Thursday, June 14, 2012

Quick Note

I couldn't resist!  I just had to tell you.  Ever since the blog South of Zero discovered my blog, my stats have skyrocketed (thanks, SOZ).  Perhaps they haven't skyrocketed in terms of what some people think of as "skyrocketing" but they sure have for my tiny blog that was originally put together to keep me from having to repeat the same information in multiple emails to friends and family but ended up being something I just enjoy doing.

Anyway, I started checking my stats far more often, sometimes once or twice a day.  I've slowed down on that now that I just expect those numbers but this morning I took a peek and noticed something that made me laugh out loud.

The stats include the number of times a page is viewed and when I saw the top viewed page this past month, well, it took my breath away.  I won't keep you in suspense.  It was "Laundry Day" with 175 views in the past week.  Coming in a not-very-close second was "Photo Roundup, June 10, 2012" with 140 views.  Yep, 35 more people were interested in my laundry than photos.

Want to see what the rest of your collective interests are?

85 Pageviews

47 Pageviews

46 Pageviews

41 Pageviews

40 Pageviews

29 Pageviews
When I look at the complete blog history stats, Laundry Day still comes in at the top of the list.
Are there things you want me to write about?  I'm not guaranteeing I'll be able to do it but I'd love to try if you have a request.

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