Sunday, June 24, 2012

Photo Roundup

/ Index.php? Option = com_content & view = article & id = 43 & Itemid = 1With all the activity going on with Inti Raymi, I still had a chance to get a few odds and ends of photos that I thought you might enjoy or just get a little chuckle from.

This photo is taken from the official Cotacachi website and it shows the very beginning of the Inti Raymi celebration with "the ritual bath, the ancestral offering, and blessing of the products of Pacha Mama [the mother volcano]" that took place on June 16 at  Cuicocha, a nearby lake.

On my way to my Spanish class after all the fun festivities down at the park, I ran into one more absolutely adorable child and got permission from his grandfather to take his photo.  We're at the little indigenous market at the other, smaller park across town.

As I walked up to these men from the other direction, one of them was lying on the sidewalk looking like he was ready to take a nap during his lunch break.  After I crossed the street I decided to ask if they'd mind if I took their photos.  As you can see, they were all more than happy to oblige.

The Municipal building has the loveliest mural painted on it but it's impossible to take a photo all in one chunk because this post is in the way and part of it goes around a corner.  I just broke it up into three sections--this is the one on the far left.

Here's the one to the right of the first (and you can see that there's more of it on the wall perpendicular to this one).

And, finally, the part that's "around the corner" from the rest of it.  There's so much to see in all of them but I particularly love the hummingbird at the very top of this one.

I got close enough to take a picture of the center of the main panel where it was cut in half by the post in the photos above.  The part just looks like it should be together.

Earlier this week I awakened to the sound of brush hitting the dirt in the back yard.  I listened to the swish swish of leaves and branches rubbing against one another and I finally had to look outside to see what was happening.  You may have to click on this one to see it full size in order to see the bit of red in the upper right hand section of the tree--that's Julio, trimming the avocado tree so the branches aren't hanging over the roofs on either side of it.  When he was done, only about 2/3 of the tree still remained, but there's still a lot of it.  After he got everything cleaned up there was an entire five-gallon bucket full of avocados and another 1/3 of another one.  I'm not sure who got all of them but I'm glad I got some that first day because they were gone the following day.  I really love that tree!

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