Sunday, June 17, 2012

A Few More Photos

Since I managed to mess up the photo roundup this week, I'm just adding another little post to add on the photos I would have tacked onto the end of that one.  I really have to pay closer attention to things like this.  Ah, well, it is what it is, right?

I ordered a cake to be delivered for a friend of mine.  She's in Canada so it was a bit tough for her to do it.  I trotted down to the little bakery just down the block and ordered this little cake (about 9" or so, maybe a bit larger--you can see the bigger version to the left of it) and had it delivered by taxi
for a grand total of $6.  You gotta love it.

Then I was out on a mini photo shoot and ran across a pickup truck with an enterprising young man selling tomatoes.  This is the young man from whom I got tomatoes a few weeks ago and they are exquisite!  He was also kind enough to let me take a photo of his produce stand.

Here are my tomatoes (and a lemon I got for 5 cents).  The tomatoes cost 50 cents.  I put the water bottle in just to give you a better idea of the sizes.  Now a few of the tomatoes are a little soft, two or three have little worm holes in them, and one had to be thrown away immediately but I figure that's to be expected at that price, right?

One of the hotels I looked at for my blog post earlier this week on wheelchair accessibility in Cotacachi, while it didn't have wheelchair access at the front door or any rooms on the first floor, did have a great public room with fabulous hand crafted leather chairs and the largest drum I've ever seen.  It has a fabulous, resonant sound.

This milk delivery truck gave me an opportunity to show you that we really do have variety in our dairy products (even though I've never actually seen half of these in a store).  The one on the far left is chocolate milk, the one next to it is fat free (that's one of the ones I haven't seen yet), the red one is strawberry milk, and the little one all the way to the right is yogurt.

When walking down Leather Street you frequently run across these little displays of coin purses for $1 or little clutch purses for $2 or $3.  Of course they're all leather but they're definitely made in a factory somewhere.

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