Saturday, June 30, 2012

Inti Raymi VIII, Kids Dogs and Food

Many of these photos don't even need any description so this will mostly be more "show" than "tell" though there are a few things I have to share my thoughts about.  I wouldn't be me otherwise, would I?

Getting ready for the marching and dancing.  I was aiming at capturing the little guy getting his chaps on and then realized I also had a little fellow practicing his conch shell blowing.

Street dogs love festivals.  There's always a little more food than someone wants to eat.

It's a good thing people wash their sidewalks so often or the street dogs would have a much harder time getting water in the dry season.

Other dogs are out for their walks as well.

And, of course, where there are dogs there are land mines.

This woman had her skewered meat and potatoes set up right on the corner where the dancers were stomping about. It was Saturday when it was the older children, not Sunday with the adults but I'm still not sure if that makes her brave or foolish.

The blue building about halfway down this street is the corner where my apartment is.  We had food vendors there on Sunday and Monday.  Very convenient for me.

When I turned completely around, you can see more food stands and tables set up in that direction as well.  By the way, see the blue barrel in just about the center of the photo?  That's were cars were prevented from going any further--not so they couldn't come in where I was standing but that's where they had to turn to avoid more of the vendors further on. 

Just about every stand had empanadas--some were sweet, some were savory, all of them were excellent and very inexpensive.  These had a bit of cheese in them and were 10 cents each.  I got a dessert one that was 15 cents or 2 for a quarter.

I took this one specifically for the hand made wooden spoon in the soup pot.

I don't remember the name of these but they're some kind of little snail-like critter that are meant to be put in the soup you see below. Each little bag is 50 cents.

I got brave and ordered both the soup with the "snails" and the soup was excellent but the snails were a little strong.  That's too bad because I was hoping they were going to taste a bit like escargot and I love that. The soup was 50 cents for a healthy-sized bowl of it.

I'd already eaten well over half the soup but it occurred to me I should probably take a photo of the little snail things.

And here they are close up.  Aren't the shells pretty?  I kept a few of them, just as a reminder that I'm still brave enough to try different food once in a while.

This is where I ended up having lunch.  On the left she has french fries and fried hot dogs but I went for the carne colorado.  I think in the States that's always made with beef but I could be mistaken.  This one was either beef or pork.  I opted for pork since it is marginally more tender than the local beef.

Here's how a meal is prepared "to go" in the little booths like this.  The whole thing is in there.

 And here it is all laid out on the plate.  There's a little shredded lettuce at the top of the plate with a mound of rice right below it.  There are four of the little potatoes I really love.  They're peeled and boiled and then gently fried on two sides to give them that nice browned crispy part.  Off to the right is the carne colorado.  In front of the potatoes is a fried egg that is traditional here--not sure if it is anywhere else but I sure like it.  Then, to top it all off is a garnish of onions, chopped tomatoes, and a little oil and vinegar.  If you can see it, take a look at the top of the plate where I put the spoon that came with it.  They have the cutest to-go silverware.  Oh, before I forget--it was $1.50.  I couldn't finish it all. 

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