Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Inti Raymi, Part VI, more Older Children

There were hundreds of children out on Friday (with the little kids) and again on Saturday.  They are grouped together by their villages or sometimes in the case of the children, their schools.  The adults who were on the square on Sunday were all in village-delineated groups but some of the children were there with a group rather than representing a specific village.

You can tell when it's a village group by the way they carry out a specific style of something.  There are a few who have specific headgear and others who wear a particular kind of clothing that is unique to the others you will see.  However they divide up, they all have pride in what they wear and what they do.

It's practice time.

Isn't the little boy in front great?!  He had that same enthusiasm for at least two hours.

The women, young or old, are much more sedate about what they do.

This may be the biggest hat:boy ratio for the whole day.

These hats are so lovely.

I love the hats here and in the shot below.  Men have no problem dressing up in beautiful things here and I like that.

I have no idea how he blows on his shell while running and stomping down the street but he does it and does it well.

Look at that focus.

The square is fairly well-attended but it's not a crushing crowd.  It makes it nice for getting around.

This is the first time there were announcers for the groups of dancers.  Of course I have no idea what they were saying because the two languages they were speaking were Spanish and Kichwa.  There's a great example of one of the ceremonial offerings of the harvest produce there as well.  This is on the main front steps to the church.

Speaking of the church, I think it's just lovely.  The gray rock is what's left after the earthquake many, many moons ago and the white was added on after that.

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