Friday, February 10, 2012

Anyone Have a Truck?

This is obviously for people in the Twin Cities area--or family nearby.

Does anyone have a truck or access to one available sometime between 2/25 and 3/2?  I'm going to be putting some stuff in storage either to be sent down to me as visitors come to see me or to be there should I decide to come back in a reasonable amount of time.  There's a small table, a 24+" long single cardboard file drawer (possibly 2 or 3--they make great storage containers), a rolling file cart that's light but about 18x24x26, a few boxes (possibly more than a few), and probably something else I haven't even thought of yet.  I need to spend some time thinking about what I would truly want if I came back.

If I were to do that, I would get on the waiting list for Ebenezer Towers right across the street from where I live right now.  What do I have that would work in there that would make my life a little more comfortable from the very beginning of my tenancy.  Also, what would I miss so much that I'd need to have it with me to make me feel like it was home?  The rest I can get at thrift stores or through Craig's List.

I'm not planning to come back but rather than cutting off my options, I'm giving myself a plan for one possible future.

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